Company profile

NEVIÐ offers you a variety of fresh and frozen fish products every week of perfect quality. The overall quality of our raw material  is guaranteed. It is fresh as our fishing grounds are very close to our production sites, and the general high quality of fish from the clean waters of the North Atlantic Ocean is well known all over the world.

We have modern and flexible production facilities that can accommodate our customers  special needs.

Having one production site in Iceland and one on the Faroe Islands makes it possible for us to offer fish products that either originate from Icelandic waters or Faroese waters. This is one of our ways of satisfying and fulfilling the special wishes and needs of our customers in the different European countries.

We are a good name,  have a quick and reliable service and 25 years of business and experience has enabled us to build up a professionalism among our employees and in our factories - in processing of raw materials to the final product, in customer relationship management and in delivery -  which guarantees the quality of our products to the benefits our customers.

We deliver every week in several European countries including Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

To guarantee a total quality we have HACCP-certified quality systems in place in our factories. They are daily monitored by our quality managers on both production sites, and are under supervision and scrutiny of respectively the Hygienic Institute of Iceland and the Hygienic Institute of The Faroe Islands.

It is our ambition to be reliable, to guarantee the quality of our products and our services, as well as showing respect for the fish stocks and their sustainable exploitation thus guaranteeing a dynamic fishing industry also for future generations.